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Single Lady - Kid Silk Lace - Lace Weight

Single Lady - Kid Silk Lace - Lace Weight

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 Yarn - 72% Mohair 28% Silk
Weight - 50g Lace
Length - 420 Meters/459 Yards
Recommend Needle/Hook size 3mm - 4mm

Single Lady was a pair but the other sold at the market last week dun dun dun. A great soft and fluffy lace weight yarn.  Fabulous paired with a fingering weight for that extra hug of luxury (fingering + lace = sport weight). 

Every skein is different as I am a small batch dye studio so please alternate if you purchase more than one skein for an even distribution.

For best results hand wash with warm water and your choice of wool detergent, lay flat and dry to perfection.

🌈 Colours may vary as computers/phones show a different representation online.