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Knit 'n' Sip

If you have stumbled across this page on my website you might be a maker of things, keep reading...

After taking part in a few interviews of my own over the last couple of months, I wanted to create a space to share ideas with like minded independent makers. So if you own a business whether it's in the wool world or not, drop me a message and lets connect. 

Want to take part? 
 To take part in Knit 'n' Sip please fill in this application form here.

How it will work
I'll be hosting my podcast via Zoom and then adding our chat to YouTube. So fellow lovers of craft can see you and what we get to talking about.

What kind of questions?
Questions will vary to what projects you love to make, favorite stitch, holidays you love, food that creeps you out, food you adore, what podcast do you like, books, music, seriously the possibilities are endless!